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Mister Copy In Paris

Mister Copy has left his city of origin (Johannesburg, South Africa) and moved to the Graffiti hot spot of Europe – Paris, France. He has traveled all around the world  and lived in some countries in Europe, including Ireland, Greece and Sweden. Now he calls Paris his new home. He resides here with his Girlfriend in the east of Paris, where he practices his art form on a daily basis. Painting in the streets with well known Parisian graffiti artists as well as starting his own freelance business, painting murals and designing for his new and old clients. Paris is the perfect city for him to evolve and upgrade his current status as a artist. He is constantly a student of his trade( street art), learning everyday and getting new experiences from his scenery and environment around him.

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Founder at Mister Copy
International Graffiti/Street artist who specializes in photo-realism. Over 10 years of experience with a spraycan.

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