NVS crew - Winners at Back to the city 2017

The NVS crew was invited to the Back to the city festival this year. 12 graffiti crews around Africa are invited each year to South Africa's biggest Hip-Hop festival to paint the pillars under the main highway through the center of Johannesburg city. This year the artists from the NVS crew consisted of Mister Copy, Nausea and Ms.Krush. We came up with the concept "Bringing life to walls with color". The idea was a portrait of the artist 'Nausea' spray painting with a Loop Graffiti can, creating classic graffiti, Hip-Hop and even our own characters. The event was sponsored by Loop Colors and Caps n Cans graffiti store. After the Pillars were all complete, The Judges chose the NVS pillar as the winner and best pillar of this years Festival.